How Does Krishi Fertilizer Help in Tomato Cultivation in India?

krishi fertilizer

We can say that Krishi fertilizer has made another revolution in farming. Now, farmers are able to grow organic vegetables, food grains etc. without using harmful chemicals during crop cultivation. As a result, we are now getting more healthy end products. 

In India, tomato cultivation is quite popular across different states because they are highly profitable. Farmers can definitely switch to organic fertilizers. Excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers which have harmful chemicals in them are affecting our livelihood a lot. 

We are even having several health issues due to the consumption of those vegetables and food grains. Tomatoes, being cultivated with chemical fertilizers, have harmful effects. Not only are Tomatoes used as a vegetable but it's also used in making other food products too. 

As eating healthy and organic food is very much important, Krishi fertilizers could be the solution to this issue as they are completely organic and safe for vegetables, plants and crops. Let's go deeper and find out how beneficial Organic Krishi fertilizers could be for tomato cultivation.

How is Krishi Fertilizer Beneficial for Tomato Cultivation?

krishi fertilizer

If organic Krishi fertilizers are used for tomato cultivation, it has many positive effects on the plant -

  • Increase Nutrition elements

When you use organic fertilizers like Shree Ram fertilizer products, you are unknowingly investing in the overall well-being of the ultimate products. The tomatoes that will be cultivated will be enriched with essential nutrients. 

We know that tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, potassium etc. and also rare nutrient elements like folate are there in tomatoes. When chemical fertilizers are used in tomato cultivation, it affects the nutrition elements and vitamin source. 

Also, if chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used during cultivation, the end harvested tomatoes will have harmful chemical effects in them. So, using organic products like fertilizers and manure will be more beneficial.

  • Improves land fertility

Tomatoes are giant feeders, as you need to use a lot of fertilizers, pesticides, manure etc. to properly feed the plants. Also, at different growth phases, tomato plants need different elements for their food. 

Using chemical fertilizers in a giant quantity can definitely help you achieve the quantity of harvest but it will damage your land significantly. Eventually, your land can be less fertile. You may not be able to use the land for other farming throughout the season. 

The scenario is totally opposite in the case of organic Krishi fertilizer. It not only helps in keeping essential nutrients to the plants, but also it is not harsh on land. It maintains the natural PH level of the soil too. 

Zibba Zinc Edta Chelated is a bio-fertilizers of Shree Ram fertilizer company that has a rich source of micronutrients that will be a good choice for land during tomato cultivation. This bio fertilizer is specially made for soil and foliar application and doesn't harm the overall nature and purity of soil.

  • Provides a natural source of Potassium, Phosphorus and other elements

Studies showed that the following elements must be there while you choose to cultivate tomatoes - nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potash and minerals. You must be particular with the ratio of these elements. 

For example, nitrogen fertilization is needed when you are preparing the soil for planting but not in a greater ratio. Phosphorus fertilization is required before your plant starts flowering and fruiting. Once flowering is started, you need to use potassium fertilization for good productivity.

Almost every chemical fertilizers have a higher amount of nitrogen content which is not necessary for tomato production. Nitrogen is only needed during the beginning stage. Rather if you choose organic fertilizers, they can give you better results. KMB bio fertilizers have Potassium Mobilizing bacteria in them which will naturally increase the Potassium level of the soil and your harvest will be increased. 

Also, you can use Richgrow Prom which is organic manure enriched with Phosphate. This could be another great option for tomato cultivation. These Krishi organic fertilizers are effectively going to increase the natural sources of Potassium, Phosphorus in the soil, helping in your cultivation.

  • Improves nutrients and longevity in the soul

Using chemical fertilizers can only give your tomato plants just the three elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. While organic Krishi fertilizers help to break down the organic matter into the land and it penetrates deeper into the soil. As a result, your soil will be fully nourished with trace nutrients. It will increase the soluble sugar content in tomatoes. Also, as the organic matter breaks down into the soil, it naturally increases the longevity of the soil by releasing nutrients slowly. 

Your soil will be enriched with nutrients for a longer period of time which will be more beneficial for tomato cultivation. Shreeram pesticides have many best options in organic fertilizers, which you can choose.

  • Maintain pH levels of the soil

During the plantation period of tomato seeds, farmers have to use herbicides to control the weeds in the land. Also, you have to use chemical pesticides for effective pest control. Chemical herbicides and pesticides can effectively provide the weeds solution but it damages the soil PH levels which can eventually harm your tomato cultivation too. 

We will suggest you switch to natural and organic herbicides that are gentle on soil but effectively removes weeds from the land. Again Shreeram herbicide & weedicides could be a great choice for your problem. Ultimate – Selective Weedicides of them are especially suitable for tomato cultivation which you can use. 

As far as pesticides are concerned, Shreeram pesticides have a great product for tomato cultivation namely Suron-G. These pesticides and herbicides are going to give you far better results than chemical friendly products.


It is quite clear that Krishi fertilizers are a way better choice than chemical fertilizers. They are not only environment friendly, but also help fruits, vegetables and other farming products to retain their nutrition element naturally. If we get fresh products for farmers, it will be more beneficial for our health too. So, we must encourage the use of Krishi organic fertilizers. 


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